What is an Advent Calendar?

Advent calendars are a great gift idea for kids.  It helps them to count down the days until Christmas arrives, usually beginning on December 1, and ending on Christmas.

nativity advent calendar with chocolateThere are a variety of different kinds of Advent calendars.  Some contain candy, some just a part of a picture or poem, and some even contain a toy behind a door or window counting down the days left until Christmas.  Whichever one you choose is strictly up to you, based on the child you are buying it for, and what kinds of things that child likes.

Choosing the right advent calendar for kids will depend solely on the child you are buying one for.  For older children, they may be interested in putting together all the pieces of a picture as each window or door is opened.  For younger children, hiding a piece of candy or a small toy behind the number for the day is a great way to get them involved in the holidays.

lego advent calendar - Lego cityFor children who have dietary restrictions, an advent calendar with a part of a toy behind it is more appropriate than candy.  Perhaps a Lego advent calendar where each day the child gets a Lego piece to put together a project after 25 days will be a more appropriate gift.

There are a large variety of toy advent calendars available, including the popular Playmobil advent calendars  where your child builds a Playmobil scene over the course of advent.

Advent calendars are a terrific way to get children into the Christmas spirit.  It helps them play a part in the preparations for the holidays, and gives them a special incentive to count down the days until Christmas.

The type of advent calendar you purchase for a child will depend on the special child in your life.  There are a mind-boggling number of different advent calendars available to choose from, which can range in price from under a dollar to several hundred dollars (depending on the type and what is enclosed in the calendar).

Your child will love to help you count down the days until the holiday, and you get the perfect opportunity to explain the true meaning of Christmas.

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